Archenterum live at FlyFM

Live at FlyFM

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Recorded live during the "Parasites" radio show at FlyFM in Monteux, France, the 2nd of november 2014.


2014-11-02 - Archenterum played live at the Parasites radio show on FlyFM.

2014-10-18 - "The Ending" is officialy released on Jamendo and Bancamp.

2014-08-31 - Exhumed reviewed on (screenshot)

2014-07-24 - Archenterum collaborated to Caelestis' unique project "Spylgass". Watch now the Spyglass Video.

2014-05-16 - Exhumed CDs are ready and out now.

2014-05-05 - Exhumed received an enthusiastic review from Metallian. A really big thank to them. (screenshot)

2014-04-20 - Archenterum is invited at the Parasites radio show on FlyFM.

2014-02-11 - Exhumed is published on Jamendo.

2013-10-19 - Exhumed is officialy released.

2013-10-17 - Archenterum is on Jamendo with Paradoxe 29A availaible to be listened to.

2013-09-18 - Paradoxe 29A reviewed on Killer on the loose. (screenshot)

2013-01-23 - Paradoxe 29A reviewed on Les acteurs de l'ombre. (screenshot)

2012-11-04 - Paradoxe 29A reviewed on Metal (screenshot)

2012-09-17 - Paradoxe 29A reviewed on Metalland. (screenshot)

2012-08-31 - Paradoxe 29A reviewed on (screenshot)

2012-05-22 - Paradoxe 29A reviewed on Pavillon 666. (screenshot)

2012-05-10 - Paradoxe 29A reviewed on Dead Church. (screenshot)

2012-04-11 - Paradoxe 29A on Caelestis' Drops of moonlight. Special thanks to him for his support. (screenshot)

2012-02-12 - Paradoxe 29A is officialy released.

2007-01-31 - Archenterum is on Metal-archives


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Greg D.

Guitars & Vocals



Matt D.

Guitars & Vocals

We are Archenterum, a Black/Death Metal band from Avignon, south-east of France and this is our official website.


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